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Course dates, Winter Term 2009



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5-Jan-09 Course organization (Labs RW109, Lectures RW229)
7-Jan-09 Dickinson Lecture: Data types and an introduction to matrix algebra; multiplication of vectors and matrices, and the R-package
12-Jan-09 Dickinson Lab: Data types and matrix operations with the R package
14-Jan-09 Dickinson Lecture: Determinants, matrix inversion, eigenanalysis, and Q- versus R-mode analyses
19-Jan-09 Dickinson Lab: R: looping, functions, Q-mode resemblances, and Principal Coordinates Analysis (PCoA)
21-Jan-09 Dickinson Lecture: Q-mode analyses continued - cluster analyses
26-Jan-09 Dickinson Lab: Q-mode resemblance functions, PCoA, and cluster analysis (see also: The Clustering Calculator and Tree Toy; note that in the Clustering Calculator you have to select the option to output a "Phylip/DRAWTREE-readable version of the tree" to be able to use Tree Toy)
28-Jan-09 Jackson Lecture: Ecological diversity and abundance
2-Feb-09 Jackson Lab: Resampling
4-Feb-09 Jackson Lecture: Sampling
9-Feb-09 Jackson Lab: Permutation tests, regression analysis, and dealing with missing data
11-Feb-09 Midterm Test (2h) - RW109
16/20-Feb-09 Reading Week
23-Feb-09 Dickinson Lab: Evaluating clustering results; MANOVA (discriminant analysis)
25-Feb-09 Dickinson Lecture: R-mode analyses - Principal Components Analysis (PCA) and canonical analyses
2-Mar-09 Dickinson Lab: PCA, canonical analyses, and related topics (PCA biplots, etc.)
4-Mar-09 Dickinson Lecture: Canonical Correspondance Analysis
9-Mar06 Dickinson Lab: Canonical Correspondance Analysis - the VEGAN package in R
11-Mar-09 Jackson Lecture: TBA
16-Mar-09 Jackson Lab: TBA
18-Mar-09 Jackson Lecture: TBA
23-Mar-09 Jackson Lab: TBA
25-Mar-09 Jackson Lecture: TBA
30-Mar-09 Jackson Lab: TBA
1-Apr-09 Jackson Lecture: TBA
6-Apr-09 Jackson Lab: TBA
8-Apr-09 Project presentations

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