BOT 360F - Families of Vascular Plants

Quiz 8 1-Nov-11


(1)Do the reproductive structures seen here make up ONE flower or A CLUSTER of flowers?  Please circle the correct answer.

Silphium perfoliatum

A cluster.

This is a capitulum of Silphium (Asteraceae).


(2) Please provide the correct labels for structures 1-6; use the figure on the right as a guide.

Panicoid spikelet (diagrammatic)
  1. fertile floret

  2. sterile floret

  3. lemma

  4. palea

  5. upper glume (glume 2)

  6. lower glume (glume 1)

 Panicoid spikelet (dissected)

(3) List two features of the vegetative morphology of grasses that contribute to their ability to endure fire and herbivory.

  • perennating structures (rhizomes, shoot apices, etc.) at ground level or below;

  • basal meristem responsible for leaf elongation also located at or near ground level.

Grasses provide good examples of geophytes.

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diagram of grass rhizome

(4) To what graminoid family does the stem, seen here in transverse section, most likely belong?

grass stem transverse section


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