BOT 360F - Families of Vascular Plants

Quiz 1 20-Sep-11


(1) What parts, in what relationship to each other, make up a plant’s shoot? Where do branches arise? You may find it helpful to make a labeled sketch.

Shoots are made up of stems and the leaves that are attached to them; branches arise on stems, from shoot apical meristems that develop in the axils of leaves (see THIS page, and THIS one).
shoot diagram

(2) Number the stages of land plant life cycle sequentially (i.e. 1-8), starting with the gametes.

embryo  [4]

meiosis  [6]

gametophyte  [8]

zygote  [3]

sporophyte  [5]

syngamy  [2]

spore  [7]

gametes  [ 1 ]

land plant life cycle

It may help you to sketch the life cycle of land plants below, but to receive full marks for this question you must indicate above what the sequence of stages is.

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