BOT 360F - Families of Vascular Plants 

Lecture notes, 24-Oct-00

Inflorescence and floral morphology

scirpioid25.jpg (16757 bytes) Spikelet of perfect (bisexual) flowers; floral diagram (Scirpioideae)
caricoid25.jpg (13307 bytes) Unisexual spikelet as found in Carex; diagrams of female and male flowers.


Carex viridula Michx. - including ligule, bracts, and female flower [back to top]
PBCarex3.jpg (30887 bytes)


Male and female spikelets

PBCarex3.jpg (30887 bytes)


PBCarex3.jpg (30887 bytes)


PBCarex3.jpg (30887 bytes)


PBCarex3.jpg (30887 bytes)

Perigynium, gynoecium

Illustrations: C. Sadler 1972 University of Toronto

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