BOT 360F - Families of Vascular Plants 

Floral morphology exercise

On this page there are links ("IMAGE 1" "IMAGE 2" etc.) to five illustrations of Angiosperm reproductive morphology. To see them you will need to allow your web browser to open pop-up windows from They are not meant to represent the flowers of specific plants but inevitably they will be reminiscent of species you have studied in this course this year. In order to review floral structure and the terminology used to describe it please visit the following linked pages. The page 307b1rep.html illustrates the different parts of a flower, and some of the configurations in which they can be found, using a simplified terminology. The terminology appropriate to this course is explained on the page 307notes05a.html. Please note that on this latter page floral terms are on the left, highlighted in green, while the corresponding fruit terms appear on the right, highlighted in orange.

Four of the five images represent median longitudinal sections through a flower, while the fifth is a plan view ("floral diagram"). Note that in some of these images stamens or pistils are shown as having been removed or cut.

Run your mouse over the links below to open a window with the corresponding image. Drag this window someplace convenient on your desktop and then do the following.

Now close the window and mouse over a different link and do the same with the image that is opened.



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