Rosaceae: Spiraeoideae - follicles

BOT 360F - Families of Vascular Plants

Follicles are dry fruits (fruitlets) that dehisce along the suture by which the gynoecial primordium closed to form an ovary. Most members of Rosaceae subfamily Spiraeoideae produce flowers that, upon seed-set, mature to form fruits that are aggregates of follicles (hence, technically, a flower develops into a follicetum comprising usually five individual follicles).

Spiraea latifolia - 16431 Bytes

Spiraea latifolia (meadowsweet) - unopened follicles

Photo: R. C. Evans 1998 R. C. Evans

Physocarpus sp. - 11626 Bytes

Physocarpus sp. (ninebark) - dehiscing follicles

Photo: R. C. Evans 1998 R. C. Evans

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