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Osmunda fiddleheads Osmunda fertile fronds

Osmunda sporangia

Osmunda (Osmundales) represents a group of ferns that is seen as the sister-group of all the other leptosporangiate ferns (Judd et al. p. 144).
Photos: left and center, M. Ferguson; right, R. Presgrave.
All © 2000 Royal Ontario Museum.


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Matteucia struthiopteris

Acrostichum aureum

(left) Matteucia struthiopteris sterile and fertile fronds; (above) Acrostichum
Photos: left, M. Ferguson © 2000 Royal Ontario Museum; above, © 2000 T. A. Dickinson.

Dryopteris sori

(above) Dryopteris marginalis

Photo: M. Ferguson
© 2000 Royal Ontario Museum.


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Adiantum sp. from the Botany Department greenhouse.
Sketch notes © W. Y.-W. Li 2004.

sorus, leptosporangiate fern

(Right) Section through the marginal sorus of a leptosporangiate fern (compare eusporangiate sporangium).

Prepared slide, © 2009 Royal Ontario Museum.

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