BOT 360F - Families of Vascular Plants

LILIACEAE - Medeola virginiana L. (indian cucumber)

Medeola virginiana flowers

Flowers, fruiting stem, and rhizomes of M. virginiana - underground rhizome segments terminate in a aerial stem bearing two whorls of leaves and an umbel of flowers. The morphology of colonies of this forest floor herb was studied by Bell (1974), who showed how the regular pattern of sympodial rhizome replacement growth at the base of the aerial stem allows ramets of this species to effectively explore large areas of their habitat (see Bell 1991).

Photos: M. Ferguson 2003 Royal Ontario Museum

Bell, A. D. 1974. Rhizome organization in relation to vegetative spread in Medeola virginiana. J. Arnold Arbor. 55: 458-468.

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