BOT 360F - Families of Vascular Plants

HYACINTHACEAE (formerly included in Liliaceae)
Camassia spp.

Camassia qamash - In the Pacific northwest and the Rocky Mountains the bulbs of camas were an important source of carbohydrate for First Nations, and the wet meadows where these plants grow remain an important resource. On a sunny day in May or June when the camas are in flower such meadows can be extraordinarily beautiful. In Ontario C. qamash does not occur, but C. scillioides can be found. Source: Mabberley (1997).

Photos: (left; Idaho camas meadow) T. A. Dickinson © T. A. Dickinson 2004; (right; camas flower) M. Ferguson 2004 Royal Ontario Museum (TRT 9542)

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