Fabaceae - Mimosoideae - Prosopis

BOT 360F - Families of Vascular Plants
Prosopis sp. (mesquite) (35994 bytes) Prospis seed showing embryo and endosperm; USDA photo

Prosopis sp. (mesquite) stipular spines; note inconspicuous perianth, numerous exserted stamens

Photo: T. A. Dickinson © 1997 T. A. Dickinson

mesquite - Prosopis ruizlealii Burkart - Seed(s)
One seed has been split open to show how the embryo enclosed by a substantial layer of endosperm. Prosopis is exceptional in the Fabaceae for having albuminous seeds of this kind. These seeds are 6-8 mm long.

Photo: USDA APHIS PPQ Archives, USDA APHIS PPQ, www.insectimages.org


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