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Select a family for information and photos. The full-sized images linked to thumbnail images on the subsequent pages are nearly all in one of three formats: 600x400, 400x600, or 400x400 pixels. File sizes are mostly in the range of 50-250 kb (JPEG). The systematic index follows the classification scheme of Arthur Cronquist (1981). If you are not familiar with Cronquist's system, use the find or search feature of your browser to locate the family of choice on this page.

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Gerald D. Carr

Last Addition: May 26, 1999


Winteraceae Calycanthaceae Saururaceae Nelumbonaceae Menispermaceae
Magnoliaceae Lauraceae Piperaceae Nymphaeaceae Coriariaceae
Annonaceae Hernandiaceae Aristolochiaceae Ranunculaceae Papaveraceae
Myristicaceae Chloranthaceae Illiciaceae Berberidaceae Fumariaceae


Platanaceae Cannabaceae Urticaceae Fagaceae
Hamamelidaceae Moraceae Juglandaceae Betulaceae
Ulmaceae Cecropiaceae Myricaceae Casuarinaceae


Phytolaccaceae Cactaceae Basellaceae Plumbaginaceae
Nyctaginaceae Chenopodiaceae Molluginaceae  
Aizoaceae Amaranthaceae Caryophyllaceae  
Didiereaceae Portulacaceae Polygonaceae  


Dilleniaceae Sterculiaceae Cistaceae Loasaceae Monotropaceae
Paeoniaceae Bombacaceae Violaceae Salicaceae Sapotaceae
Ochnaceae Malvaceae Tamaricaceae Capparaceae Ebenaceae
Sarcolaenaceae Lecythidaceae Turneraceae Brassicaceae Styracaceae
Theaceae Sarraceniaceae Passifloraceae Moringaceae Theophrastaceae
Marcgraviaceae Nepenthaceae Caricaceae Bataceae Myrsinaceae
Clusiaceae Droseraceae Fouquieriaceae Epacridaceae Primulaceae
Elaeocarpaceae Flacourtiaceae Cucurbitaceae Ericaceae  
Tiliaceae Bixaceae Begoniaceae Pyrolaceae  


Connaraceae Elaeagnaceae Cornaceae Euphorbiaceae Simaroubaceae
Pittosporaceae Proteaceae Garryaceae Rhamnaceae Cneoraceae
Hydrangeaceae Gunneraceae Olacaceae Leeaceae Meliaceae
Grossulariaceae Sonneratiaceae Santalaceae Vitaceae Rutaceae
Crassulaceae Lythraceae Viscaceae Erythroxylaceae Zygophyllaceae
Saxifragaceae Thymelaeaceae Rafflesiaceae Linaceae Oxalidaceae
Rosaceae Myrtaceae Celastraceae Malpighiaceae Geraniaceae
Chrysobalanaceae Punicaceae Aquifoliaceae Polygalaceae Limnanthaceae
Surianaceae Onagraceae Icacinaceae Sapindaceae Tropaeolaceae
Mimosaceae Melastomataceae Corynocarpaceae Hippocastanaceae Balsaminaceae
Caesalpiniaceae Combretaceae Dichapetalaceae Aceraceae Araliaceae
Fabaceae Rhizophoraceae Buxaceae Anacardiaceae Apiaceae


Loganiaceae Menyanthaceae Plantaginaceae Gesneriaceae Rubiaceae
Gentianaceae Polemoniaceae Buddlejaceae Acanthaceae Caprifoliaceae
Apocynaceae Hydrophyllaceae Oleaceae Pedaliaceae Valerianaceae
Asclepiadaceae Lennoaceae Scrophulariaceae Bignoniaceae Dipsacaceae
Solanaceae Boraginaceae Globulariaceae Lentibulariaceae Asteraceae
Convolvulaceae Verbenaceae Myoporaceae Campanulaceae  
Cuscutaceae Lamiaceae Orobanchaceae Goodeniaceae  


Alismataceae Hydrocharitaceae Potomogetonaceae


Arecaceae Cyclanthaceae Pandanaceae Araceae Lemnaceae


Commelinaceae Joinvilleaceae Cyperaceae Typhaceae
Eriocaulaceae Juncaceae Poaceae  


Bromeliaceae Heliconiaceae Zingiberaceae Cannaceae
Strelitziaceae Musaceae Costaceae Marantaceae


Pontederiaceae Iridaceae Xanthorrhoeaceae Smilacaceae Orchidaceae
Haemodoraceae Aloeaceae Hanguanaceae Dioscoreaceae  
Liliaceae Agavaceae Taccaceae Burmanniaceae  

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