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EEB337H - Families of Vascular Plants
Specimen of Lythrum alatum

  1. Databased 1983 by staff of the Herbarium, Vascular Plant Section, Botany Division, Canadian Museum of Nature.
  2. Examined 1984 by C. J. Keddy in the course of preparing her 1987 treatment of Lythrum alatum Pursh for the Atlas of the Rare Vascular Plants of Ontario (Argus et al. 1982-1987). Lythrum alatum is rare in Canada, and this specimen represents the northernmost occurrence of the species in Ontario.

TRT 197,611 (W. J. Cody 18446, collected 7 August 1969 with W. E. Kemp, Carleton Co., Ontario)

Image © Royal Ontario Museum

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