Families of Vascular Plants - Botany 307F

EEB 337 and this website are brought to you by...

a staff member of the Royal Ontario Museum's Green Plant Herbarium in the Department of Natural History. Timothy Dickinson, the curator of this herbarium, is cross-appointed to the Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology of the University of Toronto where he teaches this course.

Both the course and the website make use of...

the rich collection of photographic images of plants and fungi held in the Green Plant Herbarium. This collection includes donations and bequests of photos by Ontario botanists and natural history photographers, including Mary Ferguson, FPSA, R. Presgrave, and the late R. Emerson Whiting, among others.

| What are plant families? | How do we distinguish them? | How and why do we study them? | Selected vascular plant families of Ontario | Reading List | Course outline |

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