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Appendix 1 - Ontario Prairie Grasses

Source for species list: M. Oldham, Natural Heritage Information Centre

Distribution data compiled from Riley 1989 (+); Oldham 1993 (#); and Goodban 1995 (^). See sources for maps which delineate specific boundaries of each county or parts of counties included.

Note: The Natural Heritage Information Centre is currently completing updated species distribution maps. This information, when available, should be used to update this table.

* as per subfamilies as shown in Zomlefer 1994 and delineated in Voss 1972.
Provincial Rank Source: Oldham (1996).

S1 Extremely rare in Ontario; usually five or fewer occurrences in the province or very few remaining individuals; often especially vulnerable to extirpation.

S2 Very rare in Ontario; usually between five and 20 occurrences in the province or with many individuals in fewer occurrences; often susceptible to extirpation.

S3 Rare to uncommon in Ontario; usually between 20 and 100 occurrences in the province; may have fewer occurrences, but with a large number of individuals in some populations; may be susceptible to large-scale disturbances.

S4 Common and apparently secure in Ontario; usually with more than 100 occurrences in the province.

S5 Very common and demonstrably secure in Ontario.

SH Historically known from Ontario, but not verified recently (typically not recorded in the province in the last 20 years); however, suitable habitat is thought to be still present in the province and there is reasonable expectation that the species may be rediscovered.

Distribution codes

X native and present

C native and common

U native and uncommon

VU native and very uncommon

R native and rare

I introduced and persisting outside cultivation

Ir introduced and rare (three or fewer sites)

1,2,3 number of known sites

? questionable, usually indicating an unconfirmed report

h historical (known records are pre-1964)

SpeciesCommon nameSubfamily*C3 or C4 photosynthesisProvincial rankElgin#Essex#Halton+Hamilton-Wentworth-Brant-Oxford+Hamilton-Wentworth^Haldimand Norfolk#Kent#Lambton#Middlesex#Niagara-Haldimand+Oxford#Peel+Peterborough-Durham-Victoria-Northumberland+southern Bruce#southern Grey#Bruce peninsula#Simcoe+Waterloo+Wellington-Dufferin+York-Metro Toronto+
Agropyron trachycaulumslender wheatgrassPooideae3R3R1R3XR1UR2XR3SRXXUXXRXR1
Andropogon gerardiibig bluestemPanicoideaeS4UUR5XU6CXXCXXX?RXXXXX
Andropogon virginicusbroom sedgePanicoideaeS4UVUVUR1UR2U
Aristida longespica three-awn grassChloridoideae4S2R2VUR1
Aristida longespica var. longespicathree-awn grassChloridoideae4S2
Aristida purpurascensarrow feather three-awn grassChloridoideae4S1R4?
Bouteloua curtipendulaside-oats gramaChloridoideae4S2R3R1
Bromus kalmiiKalm's brome grassPooideae3S4R2R1R1XR2R2XVUR3XXhXXXRR1
Calamagrostis canadensisbluejointPooideae3CCXXXCXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Digitaria cognata fall witch grassPanicoideaeS1R1/IrR1/IrVUR2R3
Elymus canadensisCanada wild-ryePooideae3S4S5UVUXXR3CVUXXXXSRXURHXXR1XX
Eragrostis capillarislace grassChloridoideae4S1R1
Eragrostis spectabilispurple love grassChloridoideae4S2VUR/IrR1IrXR1R4R1XR1
Hierochloe odoratasweet grassPooideae3R2R3R?VUR5XXRhXR1
Koeleria macranthajune grassPooideae3S2RhR1VUR3RhX
Panicum dichotomumforked panic grassPanicoideaeS2R1/Ir?R1R3R1UR1?R2Rh
Panicum leibergiiLeiberg's panic grassPanicoideaeS1R2
Panicum meridionalemat panic grassPanicoideaeS1R1R1
Panicum oligosanthesScribner's panic grassPanicoideaeS4R4UCVUXVUXXR1
Panicum perlongumlong-stalked panic grassPanicoideaeS1S2R1RhX
Panicum rigidulumredtop panic grassPanicoideaeS2S3R3R1R1R1R1Rh
Panicum sphaerocarpon round-fruited panic grassPanicoideaeS3R5R5CVUR1R3R1R1
Panicum villosissimumwhite-haired panic grassPanicoideaeS3
Panicum virgatumswitchgrassPanicoideaeS4UUR1CXXXXXUXXXR2
Paspalum setaceumslender paspalumPanicoideaeS2R2R4R3VUR1R1
Schizachyrium scopariumlittle bluestemPanicoideaeS4UUR2XR4CVUXXXXXXXXXXXR3
Sorghastrum nutansIndian grassPanicoideaeS4VUR5XR4UXXXXURXUXXXR4
Spartina pectinataprairie cord grassChloridoideae4S4VUUXR3R2XXXXXXRXXRR1
Sphenopholis obtusataprairie wedge grassPooideae3S1R1/IrR1R1R1
Sporobolus asperrough dropseedChloridoideae4S1S2VUUIrVUIUR1XIIII/XIrIr
Sporobolus cryptandrussand dropseedChloridoideae4S4VUCR2XR3CXXXXXXXXXRXX
Sporobolus heterolepisprairie dropseedChloridoideae4S2X
Stipa avenaceablack oat-grassPooideae3SHRh
Stipa sparteaporcupine grassPooideae3S3R1R1R1VUR1XR2

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