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Spring 2004 Completed the Contents of this site page (the index referred to below) with the assistance of Gaby Binette and funding from a U of T Faculty of Arts and Science Instructional Initiatives Grant received in 2003.
Winter 2003 Began setting up new marking scheme, as well as links to the Angiosperm Phylogeny Website.
Fall 2002 Added pages re North American and Ontario grasslands, as a result of involvement earlier in the year in developing the Tallgrass Prairie and Savannas alcove of the ROM's Hands-on Biodiversity Gallery.
Summer 2001 Began setting up an index to the content of this website.
Winter 2001 Began using an Olympus digital camera to capture some of the images for this site.
20-Nov-00 In updating the Fabaceae pages added links to four images from an illustrated DELTA identification database for trees in Ontario by Eric Harris.
07-Nov-00 Posted an image collection assembled by G. D. Carr at the University of Hawaii and distributed on CD-ROM at the XVI Botanical Congress in St. Louis in August 1999:
Botany Department University of Hawaii

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15-Sep-00 Following a sabbatical leave during the 1999-2000 academic year, I have been updating these pages with references to the new textbook for BOT307 and BOT300 by Judd et al. I have also been adding new pages (e.g. Ontario Flora), and trying to incorporate results from phylogenetic studies such as those aired at the XVI International Botanical Congress in St. Louis in August 1999.

Switched over to Macromedia's Dreamweaver 3 for html production on a Mac G3. Interactive graphics using JavaScript developed with Fireworks 3 (for the Mac); other graphics continue to be developed using a one or more of CorelDRAW 9, Corel PhotoPaint 9, and PaintShopPro 6 all for windows, as well as the Mac versions of the two Corel programs.

26-Jul-99 Linked BOT307 Rosaceae pages to the Rosaceae evolution component of my lab's website. The Rosaceae evolution pages were designed and produced by my former graduate student, Dr Rodger Evans.

15-May-99 Posted the web version of Lindsay Rodger's course project on the prairie grasses of Ontario.

8-Dec-98 Posted links for using PollyAnna to access third quiz/review database.

19-Nov-98 Began adding updated Rosaceae pages.

11-Nov-98 Added page re the history of botanical concepts, with links to sites dealing with Theophrastus, Dioscorides, and the preservation of Greek and Roman learning in the Islamic world following the fall of Rome.

12-Oct-98 Updated the Course Organization page with references to the course text, Botany for Gardeners, by Brian Capon.

5-Oct-98 Fixed a lot of broken links (!) and updated several pages; note the Nearctica editor's choice graphic on the home page. The Nearctica site has some excellent botanical links, some of which will be added to these pages.

Summer 1998 New logo, designed by Kim Peter; updated pages throughout the site. This logo incorporates photographic images of leaves (from the TRT collection) and silhouettes of tree species of the Ontario deciduous forest region ("Carolinian" zone) donated to TRT by the artist, Richard Joos.

12-Dec-97 Updated link to PollyClave

26-Nov-97 Asteraceae

24-Nov-97 Ericaceae

11-Nov-97 Updated Fabaceae pages, including illustrations and links to the Angiosperm Families database.

30-Oct-97 How to use DEDIT.EXE and CONFOR.EXE to create identification databases in the DELTA format.

22-Oct-97 Graminoids, including illustrations prepared by Colleen Sadler 1971-1972 and made available by Dr Peter Ball, University of Toronto Erindale campus. 

14-Oct-97 Monocots, including illustrations by Colleen Sadler made available by Dr Peter Ball, University of Toronto Erindale campus.   Gymnosperm-Angiosperm comparisons, more illustrations of Pteridophyte and Gymnosperm reproductive morphology.  Began using Microsoft FrontPage Editor v. 3 (beta).  Began accessing site directly now that it has migrated to Botany's NT server. 

17-Sep-97 Further updates and new links; pages for Bryophytes and Gymnosperms added.

1-Sep-97 More new and (or) redesigned pages, including the draft web version of J. M. Bowles' Guide to plant collection & identification.

Summer 1997 Redesign of site organization, creation of new pages (What are plant families? How do we distinguish them? etc.). These pages will be added to the site incrementally during the summer.

9-Dec-96 Added illustrations of herbarium sheets, and updated the pages (Topics, Visit to TRT) from which they are linked.

25-Nov-96 Added Ranunculaceae and Brassicaceae pages; updated the Project page; and added a page on using DEDIT and CONFOR - linked from the Project page.

11-Nov-96 Added pages related to 7-Nov-96 tour of the Vascular Plant Herbarium (TRT) - linked from the Topics page.

4-Nov-96 Note the rippy graphic masthead by Carolyn Vermeulen (U of T Biomedical Communications), based on botanical symbols in R. Koch (no date given), The Book of Signs. Dover Publications, Inc., New York. 104 pp., illus.
Updated Lab & Lecture Topics page, and added illustrated notes on the Diversity of Green Plants lecture, as well as new links to other web sites.

26-Sep-96 Added this page; more really new stuff will follow soon. [back to top of page]

Why they have been done the way they have...

The principal design criterion for these pages has been that they should load quickly and be easy to read. Where graphics are concerned, the first of these criteria dictated sacrificing resolution for smaller file sizes. This trade-off was accepted because coincidentally it has the effect of protecting copyright interest in the images used. The resolution at which they are made available should be sufficient for students and others to recognize key features that have been presented elsewhere, such as in class or in a text. At the same time, the resolution of the images should not be so great that they can be used in for-profit print publications without tangible acknowledgement of their source. [back to top of page]


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