Families of Vascular Plants - Botany 307F

Online quizzes and reviews

These quizzes and reviews employ the software packages PollyAnna and PollyEdit, developed by Andrew Pavacic (programmer; Electrical and Computer Engineering), Tim Dickinson (Botany and Royal Ontario Museum), and Anne Cordon (Botany). PollyAnna is based on an illustrated quiz and review tool developed by Olle Pellmyr at Vanderbilt University. Unlike Pellmyr's tool, however, PollyAnna makes use of databases written in the DELTA format developed by Mike Dallwitz and co-workers at CSIRO Canberra. In this way the same tool can be used with many different databases, on any subject are. Click on one of the options above to see how it works. The PollyAnna website provides potential academic users at the University of Toronto and other universities with information about installing PollyAnna and the DELTA database editor, PollyEdit, that goes with it.

PollyAnna and PollyEdit were developed during FY1998/99 with funding from the Office of the Provost (Information Technology Courseware Development Fund) and the Department of Botany of the University of Toronto.

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