U. of T. - EEB331H1F : Introduction to Fungi  - Fall 2008


No textbook is required for this course.  Journal articles will be provided as PDF files for supplementary information.  However, this course uses much information from the three following textbooks:

Alexopoulos, Mims, and Blackwell. 1996. Introductory Mycology.  4th Edition. John Wiley & Sons. ISBN 0-471-52229-5
A classic book for students in Mycology.  Very comprehensive but the taxonomy is outdated.  Best for students with a strong interest in Mycology.

Deacon. 2001. Modern Mycology.  3rd Edition. Blackwell Science.  ISBN 0-632-03077-1
Follows a biological, rather than taxonomic approach. Some topics are very well covered, but other are overlooked. Best for students with strong interest in fungal physiology and biological processes.

Kendrick. 2000. The Fifth Kingdom. 3rd Edition. Focus Publishing.  ISBN1-58510-022-6.  Includes a CD.  Web version available from http://www.mycolog.com/fifthtoc.html
A more modern approach to Introductory Mycology.  Very well illustrated.  Comprehensive, easy to read, but often superficial. Best for students curious about fungi.