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Chemotaxonomy & Molecular Systematics 1 (18-Mar-03)

Chemotaxonomy (secondary metabolites, proteins) - cf. Judd et al. (2002), Ch. 4, pp. 95-100.

Molecular Systematics (DNA, RNA) - cf. Judd et al. (2002), Ch. 5.

Asteraceae cpDNA inversion; cf. rbcL tree by Chase et al. (1993)

5-gene tree (Qiu et al.)

origin of Rosaceae subfamily Maloideae (patterns of duplication in the waxy gene; compare studies of phytochrome and other genes)

ITS variation in Crataegus

Angiosperm Phylogeny Website summary of characters used (click HERE) for the home page and frames).

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Further reading

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