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Location of the ROM Green Plant Herbarium (TRT)

The Green Plant Herbarium
(formerly the Vascular Plant Herbarium)
of the Royal Ontario Museum is now located in the Main Building of the Museum, at 100 Queen's Park.
Visitors to the Herbarium should contact herbarium staff to arrange their visit in advance if possible:

On arrival at the Museum visitors should proceed to the ROM Staff Entrance, on the south side of the building. The Staff Entrance (o on the map at the right) lies between the School Entrance on the east, and the loading dock on the west.

Dr Dickinson is the Winter 2003 instructor for BOT 300S (for more info about BOT 300S click HERE):

phone: (416) 586 8032 

Green Plant Herbarium (TRT) 
Centre for Biodiversity & Conservation Biology 
Royal Ontario Museum 
100 Queen's Park
Toronto ON Canada M5S 2C6

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