Instructor: James E. Eckenwalder
ESC 2039 Tel: 978-3544

Sequoiadendron giganteum
The due date for the lab exercise has been postponed from Th 12 Apr to Mo 16 Apr. List of twigs provided for class identification, 29 March and 5 April 2007

Prerequisite: BIO 150Y

Recommended Texts:

Judd, W. S., Campbell, C. S., Kellogg, E. A., Stevens, P. F. & M. J. Donoghue (2002). Plant Systematics - A Phylogenetic Approach, 2nd ed. Sunderland MA, Sinauer Associates, Inc.
Stace, C.A. Plant Taxonomy and Biosystematics ed. 2, Edward Arnold, l989.
Trelease, W. Winter Botany ed. 3, Dover, 1931 (repr. 1967).

Method of Evaluation: 57% term examinations (3 x 18%), 18% term paper, 18% laboratory project, 10% laboratory exercises.

An introduction to the principles and practice of biological taxonomy, with emphasis on seed plants. Discussion of the historical development of taxonomy provides a backdrop for the evaluation of contemporary trends in the discipline. Among the topics considered are: folk biological taxonomy, nomenclature, lines of evidence used in making taxonomic decisions, the relationships between phylogeny and classification, and disagreements among contemporary schools of taxonomy. Students will be required to review a taxonomic monograph. Practicals emphasize skills in classification and identification.

BOTANY 300S J.E.Eckenwalder
Systematic Botany Winter 2006

Lecture topics Laboratories

T Jan 10 Lec: Introduction  
R Jan 12 Lec: The nature of taxonomy Lab: Keying - ferns| Fern key | Check List Pteridophytes
T Jan 17 Lec: Contemporary taxonomic philosophies  
R Jan 19 Lec: Naturalness; taxonomic hierarchy

Lab: Keying - gymnosperms KEY TO GENERA OF GYMNOSPERMS

Checklist of Gymnosperms of Ontario

T Jan 24 Lec: The plant kingdom & its Divisions Official hierarchy
R Jan 26 Lec: Pre-Linnaean & folk taxonomy Lab: Vegetative morphology
T Jan 31 Lec: Linnaeus' contributions Linnaeus sexual system.pdf
R Feb 2 Lec: Post-Linnaean & contemporary taxonomy Lab: Basic floral morphology| Cronquist System.pdf
T Feb 7 Lec: TERM TEST I  
R Feb 9 Lec: Bessey's dicta Lab: Bessey's dicta
T Feb 14 Lec: Nomenclatural history and principles 1, 5 & 6
Accomplishments of International Botanical Congresses (IBCs)


R Feb 16
NO Lecture or Laboratory Today
M-F Feb 20-24

Reading week

T Feb 28 Lec: Nomenclatural principle 2  
R Mar 2 Lec: Embryology Lab: Fruits & seeds . Fruit Key
T Mar 7 Lec: Nomenclatural principles 3 & 4  
R Mar 9 Lec: Palynology Lab: Pollen grains
T Mar 14 Lec: TERM TEST II  
R Mar 16 Lec: Phytography & anatomy Lab: Wood Key
T Mar 21 Lec: Chemotaxonomy and molecular systematics  
R Mar 23 Lec: Taxonomic steps [BOOK REVIEW DUE] Lab: Winter botany Information about Review (pdf)
T Mar 28 Lec: Phenetic analysis (measuring similarity)  
R Mar 30 Lec: Phenetic analysis (clustering & ordination) Lab: Class ID | Twig Key (pdf) revised
T Apr 4 Lec: Cladistic analysis (character polarity & Hennigian analysis)  
R Apr 6 Lec: Cladistic analysis (character compatibility) Lab: Herbarium
T Apr 11 Lec: Cladistic analysis (parsimony)[LAB PROJECT DUE] Lab exercise (pdf)
R Apr 13 Lec: Q & A review Lab: TERM TEST III

GRADING: 18% for each term test and for each of the term paper and lab report, 10% laboratory exercises

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